Cycling in Miyazaki

Cycling So you love cycling, and now find yourself in Japan. Well, welcome to Miyazaki and Kyushu, home to some of the most beautiful and challenging riding in all of Japan. Miyazaki abounds in terrain suitable for the 'hard-core mountain biker', the 'flat-out racer', the 'laid back tourer' and the 'sedate city rider'. The cycling is good, the drivers are not overly-aggressive, the landscape is beautiful. Whether cycling for you is a way of life or a way to get to work, the following information will help you get started cycling in Miyazaki.

While Miyazaki has numerous bicycle shops, 99% of them only stock the 'Japanese Classic Bicycle' (familiar to your grandfather's generation). These heavy bikes, favored by most Japanese cyclists, boast three gears and a basket. The good news is that a range of mountain bikes, tourers and racers can be ordered by most bicycle shops. Expect a week or two for your order to come in.

A decent range of mountain bikes, tourers and racers from Japanese, Asian and American manufacturers are available. Not as extensive of a selection as you might find in your home country.

Prices are similar to what you would pay back home. Mountain bikes start at 30,000 yen for a base model. Racers and tourers start at 50,000 yen.

For those under 190 cm in height, you can expect to find a number of bikes suitable for you. Those over 190 cm can expect to have to import a bike. There are a number of bike shops that are happy to do this for you.

Accessories & Parts:
Lights, reflectors and parts are available at bike shops, sporting goods stores or department stores. Helmets tend to be expensive. Specialty parts may have to be ordered through a bike shop.

Bike shops:
Probably the best bike shop in Miyakonojo is Hiroike Cycle in Komatsubara-cho (tel. 22-0375). It is located not far from Miyakonojo Station on Rt. 10, a block from Komatsubara Junior High School. Miyazaki and Nobeoka have a couple of bike shops with a good range of bikes on display. Each year around July/August a number of JET Program teachers are selling bikes, which is worth checking out.

Bringing your bike to Japan:
Bicycles can be brought on an airplane in a special bike box. Call your airline for bicycle luggage charges. Often the fee is much less than the price of a new bike. Bike boxes are available from most cycle shops, where they may be able to pack it for you.

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